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Learning Golang 108

Here is a list of the go beginner courses.

course about
101 Naming Conventions
102 Control Structures
103 Functions
104 Data Structure
105 Structs & Pointers
106 Interfaces
107 Routines & Channels

Package manager.

To see popularity of these tools, click here. make is the most popular tool. Here is an example.
dep is a more easy way, dep.

   # Go parameters
   GOBUILD=$(GOCMD) build
   GOCLEAN=$(GOCMD) clean
   GOTEST=$(GOCMD) test
   GOGET=$(GOCMD) get

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Note, make is very picky, if you run issues, make sure you open it in vi. Then run :%s/^[ ]\+/\t/g.

3 dots

3 dots in 4 places
Take a look at this post

If you are a beginner, I highly recommend this Go course on Udemy.

Here are some sample codes for this course.

Happy learning!

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