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Jean-Michel (agent double)
Jean-Michel (agent double)

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Personal update

Hello human

It feels strange to write here again. I didn't write a line since the beginning of march.

Like many of us, I was hit hard by this coronavirus shitshow and gave up things I used to enjoy. Including writing.

I'm fortunate though to live in Berlin where the good life came back at the beginning of July.

Now feels like a good time to resume writing.

Well I'm a bit afraid to do it to be honest. But since I announced it, I have no choice now :)

Oh and I also started again to work on my open-source project gradle refreshVersions . And it just reached 666 stars, which just feels perfect for a software that targets dependency hell.

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Emma Goto πŸ™

Welcome back! I also ended up taking a couple weeks off writing.

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Habdul Hazeez

Welcome back.