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Discussion on: Sorting Algorithms in Javascript Part 2

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Jon Randy • Edited on

Wouldn't this be simpler?

const swap = (arr, a, b) => { [arr[a], arr[b]] = [arr[b], arr[a]] }

Better still, a version that doesn't mutate the original array:

const swap = (arr, a, b) => {
   let ret = [...arr];
   [ret[a], ret[b]] = [ret[b], ret[a]];
   return ret;

Also, your counting sort function both mutates and returns the original array whilst your bucket sort array returns a new array, leaving the original untouched (better). This code is somewhat confused - better to stick with either mutating variables or not, don't mix the two.

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Jack Cole Author

These are great suggestions! Thanks for taking the time to reply. Time to make some edits :)