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CS Degree toolbox

I've had a few direct messages on twitter asking about some of the concepts to learn and understand on the journey to becoming a good (maybe even great) engineer. I came across my computer science degree courses and decided to share and make them available, not only to people who may have never encountered these resources, but possibly also for people who may want a refresher of the things they did in school. Furthermore, some of these concepts and resources come in handy when trying to get a job since some companies tend to assess knowledge on basic CS concepts. I personally don't believe everything should be memorised or understood all at once, as the journey continues opportunities to use and grasp these resources with greater fulfilment and understanding will present themselves. This could just be a small guide or a base idea to what can be learnt or known as an engineer. I strongly believe in the potential of anyone who aspires to become a great engineer or developer, whether they have a CS degree or not. Therefore sharing some of these resources may help accelerate those aspirations. Click this link to directly access all the files or use the content structure below to view a file of your choice. Some of the resources contain the text books they were sourced from.


Take a look and share your interests in the comments.

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