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re: @joselfonseca Thanks for this. As you know there are lots of options available these days. The Dingo documentation mentions we should use github....

Hey there!, So I don't really thing is better or worse than any other starter kit, Our team leverage this every time we start a new project that needs API. I created this since Laravel 5.1 and has been around since then, i've tried to keep it up to date with laravel and dingo releases although I still have to check if we have the latest dingo as we haven't use it this year as we moved to GraphQL with LightHouse PHP.

If dingo has a recommendation that is great, I think you should consider what is best in your use case and project's needs, many times one scaffold can be very good and other it can get on your way.

This is just another starter kit amongst many others and yes there may be other solutions that may be more completed as they may have Admin panels and stuff like that. I don't think this is better or worse, is just another option. I encourage you to choose what is best for your use case and what makes you more productive or what solves your use cases better, some times even a starter kit is not the answer, some times you just need the Laravel scaffold and that is it. I just shared this as maybe other people may find a good use case for it or not.

So what we do right now is that we use this when we need just an API for a service, and some times we put Laravel Nova on top of it if we need Admin panel. Other times we use a simple laravel Scaffold with GraphQL using Lighthouse PHP with Nova and some times just the Laravel installation.

Thanks for you comment!


@joselfonseca thanks for the reply..makes sense. In your experience with APIs, what is the benefit of lighthouse PHP and specifically GraphQL? Is this combination primarily optimized for data that has a "graph" (any node can connect with any other node)? Thanks...

Well, maybe not as a "graph" per se but is easier from the client to request specific data, like only the fields they need and also in a single call they can batch many queries into one HTTP request (Although this is also possible with HTTP 2) but what we like the most about LightHouse PHP is that is gives us a lot out of the box, like we can have mutations and queries for an Eloquent Model just writing the type in the schema and that saves us a lot of time, Also GraphQL subscriptions helps us a lot in real time situations and the combination if Lighthouse PHP and Apollo in the clients is very nice. Gives us power + good velocity. so combine all that and add a Nova admin panel you got yourself a very productive and high velocity development XD.

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