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Another superb week with taskForce 4.0

How big would you dream,if you knew you couldn't fail?

As we Dream big we must know the dream doesn't work it's up to Us to put in the work. Week 2 started with a little bit of coding with 2 codewars challenges which was fun and somehow challenging.

Presentation skills

We continued by having a session about how to prepare and deliver an awesome presentation where we saw key points to Keep in mind while preparing or delivering your presentation.

Git workflow

We proceed with Learning more about git workflow with the help of Yannick Awesomity CTO, where we saw the git workflow used in Awesomity and learned the pros and cons of some of the more used git workflows.

Software documentation

Then we turned some boring stuff into fun moment where we learned more about software documentation, normally is the boring part of many developer but we got to learn more about it, the reason for writing docs and also the best way of writing docs,Yannick also introduced us to pipelines concept which i wasn't too familiar with and learned new things.

The end

we finished up the week with learning containerization and it's benefits. and with a soft skill session with Axel where we identified our core values as a Team and got introduced to code of Africa core values.

The fun part was Friday afternoon where we had a presentation of what we've been working on the whole week. and right after we had a traditional dance class and had a lot of fun.

sudo apt install new-week
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