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re: Git Branching, Step-by-Step VIEW POST


Should there be a git merge master between steps 6 and 7? I try to resolve conflicts, if any, before I submit the PR.


the merge happens on the website not from the terminal. This is for students to be able to visualize it in the GUI.


So are you saying that git pull origin master is not required? Why would I pull master locally then just push my branch up?

git pull origin master is being executed again at step 5. when you push to your branch it creates the pull request on the github website.



Your question is valid 100%. after git checkout mybranchname we should perform a git merge master. It is at this stage that conflicts may appear and you have a chance to fix them. This way you make sure your branch won't conflict with the remote master branch.

Even more, when several developers are working release updates constantly to the master branch, we advise them to perform this sync process often to see how your changes operates in the whole application.

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