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High level programmers, who have never programmed for an actual hardware target, but play around in sandboxes created with software designed "platforms" could be replaced with automation. The mental modeling of that kind of code is so robotic already, we are just taking the next step by finally removing the frailty of flesh and blood components.

Someone has to write and maintain the automated programmers ;)

Someone else has to write and maintain other low-level hardware centric code, and jeer the programmers programming automated programmers for essentially the same reasons they mocked the predecessors they replaced. :P


Not only does the automated systems need to be maintained but the these systems would need highly specific requirements to generate the code properly and test that it is complete.

So in my view programming would simply transfer to a much higher level language. It might mean it is easier, but it may get even more complex espically when you have a bug in this computer generated code, and then you can't reproduce it with a spec test. Would the computer understand why the bug is happening? Some times the users what something changed, but is it even feasible or even advisable to do it? As developers big part of the job is dealing with complexity so others in the business don't need to. Automation may make it easier but it may also make things much more complex. We often have the tendancy to fool ourselfs into thinking things are much more simipler then what they really are.

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