Discussion on: A code review checklist prevents stupid mistakes

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Christian Bewernitz

This was inspiring for me, especially the detailed process described in the comments.

We are using github and are having two checklists in our pull request template. But they are much more technical.
Depending on what kind of (trac) ticket you worked on one of them might apply.

We already realized multiple times ;) how important self review is.

We consider a PR ready for review as soon as somebody is invited for review in github.

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Blaine Osepchuk Author

Thank you.

There are many ways to handle these flows and I'm not asserting that ours is correct or someone else's is wrong.

We rely on the Jira sprint board as our official way to telling the status of a story for a couple of reasons:

  • we get tons of bitbucket emails and we find it hard to see the status of a story or pull request among all the noise.
  • review isn't the only reason we create pull requests. We have a 'feedback' status where the author makes a PR, adds reviewers, writes questions or concerns on the PR and then moves the story into 'feedback'. When the reviewer sees a story in feedback he/she looks at the PR and tries to help the author with the story