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I'm a small business programmer. I love solving tough problems with Python and PHP. If you like what you're seeing, you should probably follow me here on dev.to and then checkout my blog.

Safety-Critical Software: 15 things every developer should know

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Checkout the world's safest open source sumobot (with video)

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I'm programming a sumobot with the world's safest programming language

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The ONE chart every developer MUST understand

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How to Crush it at the Start of Your New Developer Job

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How to Manage Programmers Without Losing Your Damn Mind

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29 Must Read Books For Programmers

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How to be fully alert minutes after waking

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Want to write defect-free software? Learn the Personal Software Process

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Why I can't recommend Clean Architecture by Robert C Martin

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How I intend to become a better software developer

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Is it Ethical to Work on the Tesla Autopilot Software?

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How Simple is too Simple to Test?

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The Rewrite vs Refactor Debate: 8 Things You Need to Know

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4 Books Guaranteed to Make You a Better Programmer

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"Learn at least one new language every year" is bad advice

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How are the "must read" stories selected on dev.to?

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Are you working on the most important thing?

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How screwed would your employer be if you died suddenly?

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Software security is hopelessly broken

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What's your deal?

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Books I read in 2017

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Cost of delay: how to calculate quantitative cost of delay and CD3

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Cost of delay: prioritize your product backlog by CD3

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Cost of delay: simultaneous feature development

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A love letter to my IDE

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With great power comes great responsibility

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Worthless software: risks and prevention

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How to make time to repay your technical debt

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Technical debt: we need better communication, not better metaphors

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A code review checklist prevents stupid mistakes

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Optimal pull request size

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Is Uncle Bob serious?

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How to impress your boss AND earn major karma points

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Hi, I'm Blaine Osepchuk

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