Rust on AWS Lambda with Neon & Cloud9

K on February 22, 2018

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Definitely going to follow this as a guideline for writing my first Rust.


Just came across this post and found another interesting project on Github which was not an option in February yet. If you are still interested in Rust on AWS Lambda, check it out:

No Javascript involved! Native performance :)
This emulates the same behavior as a Go binary does (since Lambda supports Go now) and can run at least the same speed as a Go Lambda function now.


Cool. :D

Would be nice to see a performance comparison.

As far as I know C# and JS have rather good startup times on Lambda.


Yes, I would also guess that for most use cases the performance difference is not relevant. Still, in theory native should be faster than starting up a JS runtime :)

Nice! Awesome to see that also Amazon is investing in Rust :)


Funny how I managed to write a Rust tutorial without writing one line of Rust in it xD


Any notes about performance? Cold boot + throughput?
Also, this suggests that F# is the fastest, but Rust is only popularly invoked through Node.js and Python


No, sorry.

My last info was, Nodejs outperformed all other runtimes in startup time, nice to see the update for .net :)

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