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Discussion on: How would you build a full stack Node.js web app today?

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Vasyl Boroviak

I've been writing full stack using nodejs for about 6 years now. Tried a humongous number of backend and Frontend frameworks. Nearly all them.

My current stack of choice is exactly the same. Yes, including the Nginx approach.

If I can't use MongoDB, then the backend framework would be either Hapi or Nest.

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Grant Sander

That's actually quite fascinating to me! I also tried just about every framework as well before landing on this stack. Used to write my backend in express and mongoose, but I really like the way Strapi bootstraps and organizes things. I find it helps me keep things a little more organized, and I find the GUI quite helpful during development and debugging.

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what d'u think about ?

its just like Nest, but sponsored by IBM and developed by StrongLoop (which is now one of IBM companies)

personaly i found that loopback v4, lets say... more academically rigorous but has a bit poor documentation than Nest.

i'd be really interesting to see what the man with 6 years of full stack in background thinks about this serious framework.

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Vasyl Boroviak

Thanks for the question.
I'd have to back off expressing any opinions about lb4. I haven't played with versions 2 or 3 either.

Meanwhile, I believe in GraphQL (as a concept). And don't believe in a bright future of the http servers (yes, even Hapi and Nest). In the future we'd need 1 endpoint (REST is going to vanish step by step) for application data.

Sorry for not answering your question and bringing own gibberish to the discussion.