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Hi all, I'm Antti - excited to join the community!

I'm working on more enterprisey technology most of the time, programming in C# or TypeScript and running in Office 365 or Azure. But I guess the world needs corporate coders as well, and despite the stack I don't work in a cubicle farm :)

I work for a Finnish Canadian software company as a software engineer and escalation engineer, and while most of my daily work life has been abstracted away from writing code myself, it's still a part of my life. Once a programmer, always a programmer, I guess!

I already posted kind of an introductory post, here:

Really looking forward to interacting with y'all!


Hey I see you have some experience with Azure! I am curious to know if you happen to know any good resources to get started in learning about Azure? :D Thank you!


Hey Bartholomew!

Yeah, I've got some :) The way I got started was that my employer pushed me there - or rather, the market pulled, and I was happy to jump in. Luckily, both Microsoft and many 3rd parties have tons of content available on getting you started - edX and Microsoft Learn are both generally speaking free, Pluralsight might be the best paid option for courses.

Check out these examples:


Depending on your previous experience, you might want to jump straight into development (App Service or Azure Functions, for example). You can sign up for a free dev subscription on Azure, free developer tenant on Office 365 (if that's the way you want to go) and tools like Visual Studio Community and Visual Studio Code are also freely available for learning purposes!

See for example:

The corporate world might be all about expensive licenses, but at least Microsoft makes most tools available for development and learning purposes for free :)

Have fun!

Thank you so much for the resources! I am excited just getting started with learning how Azure works! This will prove useful to me when I want to host my site using Azure :3. As far as experience I am a complete beginner in terms of Azure but I have played around with AWS a bit but never really set anything up to intensely but I wasn't as into it I was with Azure though.

My pleasure! Also, be aware that both performance and costwise some things are smart to host on Azure, some not - for example, a static site that's built from your source hosted on Azure DevOps or GitHub works well in a free/shared app service instance, a fancy modern webapp completely hosted on Azure Functions would be interesting and reasonably cost-effective, but hosting for example, a WordPress site is going to give you a questionable performance with above average cost, unless you spend a lot of time tweaking it... Been there, done that ;)

It's a rewarding journey, though - have fun!

Well luckily I am coding my entire website from scratch using React for the front end so I should be fine plus I heard Azure plays well with React and NodeJs so it should be easy to deploy it when the times comes šŸ˜

With that stack, you should be good. Have fun coding and be sure to blog about your findings! šŸ˜‰

Hi! My name is Siful. This is the first community Iā€™m joining and I hope to be active for a long time.


Hi Antti! šŸ‘‹ I'm also new to the community!

I'm interested to hear how a typical working day in life sounds like. I guess being an undergrad, it didn't even occur to me that writing code would be abstracted away from a technical role.

" most of my daily work life has been abstracted away from writing code"

That's why when you say the above, it really piqued my curiosity!


Hey Leslie - I like that question!

Unfortunately, it's more boring and less technical than one would probably think :) Instead of writing most of the code myself, I communicate with stakeholders, collaborate on specifications and basicly just update and prioritize the backlog for the dev team in co-operation with other product owners.

Luckily, even in enterprisey dev teams, usually you don't have to drop programming if you don't want to! It's a huge blessing that roles in IT are typically fairly flexible.

Thanks for sharing Antti! That provided me some insights šŸ˜„

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