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Antti K. Koskela
Antti K. Koskela

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"Hi - I'm new here!"

This is my first post on - Hi everyone, and thanks for checking it out!

I wanted to take the opportunity to not only plan what I'll be writing about, but also to already compliment the platform, its founders and the community on your job so far. In a sense, I wanted to rationalize why this platform seems like THE community for the software craftsmen and -women of all trades.


A short introduction first: I'm a software developer and escalation engineer working mostly on Azure & Office365 -related stuff. I have my own small consulting business, but I spend most of my patching, tweaking and deploying internal communication solutions with our partners around the world. Pretty enterprisey stuff.

I currently reside in Montréal, Canada, but have lived in Wisconsin, USA (in 2017) and Finland (my whole life before 2017).

I've been a member of since early 2017, but never got around to writing an introduction, let alone an actual blog post. While I've liked the approach and the design of the platform from the get-go, it's always been an issue for me to find the time to contribute. is one of the media I follow frequently, though. There's so much quality content related to tech, tech culture and programmers personal development that it would be crazy not to follow it! And I think now is the right time, to try and become an active member of this awesome community as well.

But.. Why do I find so awesome and promising? Well - I think this platform has the potential to foster a friendly and powerful technology agnostic technophile (in the best possible meaning of the word!) community. That's a potential I think only a few other platforms had, but completely wasted, whereas is taking all the right steps to form a community that builds its members up.

Wait - which platforms, you ask? That might be a topic for another time! There's plenty of publishing platforms online, and I've tried a few - and now's time for!

Oh - and the retro aesthetic of the CMS seems cool, too :)

But what will I write about?

To me, seems like a warm community I'd love to be a part of. Despite a typical member perhaps being a bit cooler, trendier and hippier than yours truly still programming mainly in C# (not Go, Rust or Ruby, and I'm not even using Node, Angular or Docker!), I think there's great value in reading about technology that's outside your usual comfort zone. I've seen brilliant articles about programmer / team productivity and dealing with issues like time management and team dynamics!

Whereas very few people want to leisurely read content like "How to fix your app authentication when you run into error AADSTS65001" (one of my most popular articles! Catchy title, right?) and it's only found when you encounter a problem and google for solutions, I think is the perfect platform for technical tutorials and more long-form, topical texts. I'll try and venture out of my comfort zone and develop my skills as a writer somewhere along those lines - this should be an interesting journey!

Looking forward to chatting with you all!

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