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I think it's just the ease of use. After switching completely to Linux ~10 years ago I was amazed by speed and the amount of tools available for software development. Then, when I switched to MacOS I was also surprised that a lot of things from Linux just worked on there too and the setup was a lot easier.
~8 months ago I switched back from MacOS to Linux Ubuntu and yet again I was surprised how much OS has changed:

  • Automatically detects and installs correct drivers
  • Lots of auto updates for OS
  • Looks way better than MacOS & Windows (well Windows I guess is a spent horse so it's unfair to even compare)
  • Faster
  • Docker works natively without some witchcraft with "lightweight" VMs :)

I think Linux community did a great job. Current versions of Ubuntu and Fedora can be used by anyone (even your parents).

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