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This is pretty amazing. Both GitHub and Shopify are huge, billion dollar companies running on the original apps made over a decade ago. And they now both on the latest Rails, helping to push the framework forward [1]

I can't wait for y'all to see what we upstream now that we're in a position to give back and improve Rails. My keynote; Rails 6.0: Scalable by Default [2] at RailsConf was just a small portion of our plans for Rails. [3]

There are also work from Discourse on Rails performance, Ruby is getting a Method JIT. [4] and working on more pref work. TruffleRuby is close to 1.0 and it is available on all ruby manager [5]. The Open Source build is now also available on macOS as well.

There are lots more, and all of them were years in making, It took a year for Github to get to latest Rails release.

For the past few years, many have been writing off Ruby Rails, Ruby is comparatively expensive to scale ( and it still is ) , we expected other frameworks to catch up in terms of productivity, and will spell doom to Ruby Rails. Not only has such framework yet to appear, Ruby Rails continues to improve on all front.

I say the best days of Ruby Rails is yet to come.


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