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re: Learning Category Theory is considered a prerequisite in much of the functional programming material I have seen online. I think this is a subset ...

I agree with you. FP was hard for me to approach even in F#, which doesn't have category theory abstractions built-in. This is sortof the missing manual I wish I had when learning F#.

I use FP for, to borrow again from Scott Wlaschin, BLOBAs or Boring Line of Business Applications. No fancy scientific or math-focused work, just standard business web apps. And it is has been a huge maintainability improvement over previous efforts in VB, C#, and Javascript.

If you haven't already, you should definitely check out MVU. Elm probably has the best beginner docs out there, but I prefer to use F# Elmish nowadays. MVU has a way to handle/isolate side effects that doesn't require hearing the M word. I am working on an article about adapting that to server-side processes as well.

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