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My entire dev career has been web, and I am really tempted to bash JavaScript here. :)

I will say that JavaScript has a lot of quirks which can bite you. Nowadays, a lot of libraries or preprocessors help by giving expressions of code which are more robust while staying on the happy path. But there continues to be a lot of churn in tooling and libraries around JavaScript to smooth out rough edges, especially given the (web) platform's popularity. So don't wear yourself out. I've put stuff into production on a lot of different platforms from pure JS to Angular that were "the new thing". Mostly to disappointment that the same problems were just in different places. Nowadays, I try to avoid writing JS code. For web UIs, I have been using Elm and my experience so far in maintaining its code has been very positive.


I think Elm will be the norm soon. I haven't had a bad experience with it yet either. Even though I haven't used Elm for to long, I can't help but feel it's just the permanent way to go. I can't wait for it to be everywhere.


Can't see this happen.

Elm is awesome, but it's also rather different and self contained. Many (JS) devs sadly just don't like FP.

Ironically, FP-ness is general and transfers even to OO languages. E.g. JS's, reduce, filter, lambdas, etc.

Yeah, I understand your point FP to me is great but I just started programming and didn't like learning OOP with JS. So it was easy for me to switch paradigms or practices a little. Everyone has there preferences though.

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