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StockSmart Project

My Final Project

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My Code's Story: How I built it

Crashes, jumps, beta values, earning reports, index price fluctuations: a slew of data scattered across a spreadsheet. This hurricane of numbers slapped me across the face. For my AP CS final project, I was inspired to create an app, StockSmart, that helps people make smart investments. Its creation was akin to solving a complex puzzle that computing alone could not help me decipher.

At first, I researched basic ways to predict stock market prices. After a week of trying different types of statistical models, I wasn’t able to predict any stock price with significant accuracy. More research would indicate these statistical models were useful for predicting the growth of a sapling, but useless for stocks since economics isn’t a field like physics or calculus where a derivation of an equation easily results in the correct answer. After spending my evenings and free time on Investopedia, I found that risk (unlike stock prices) could be definitively quantified. I then decided to build my own formula for calculating risk. After a week of tweaking, I created a program that successfully organized data and calculated risk. Connecting the two distinct fields of computer science and economics has led to some of my greatest intellectual growth.

Computer science isn’t simply coding; it is utilizing the power of computing to understand other sciences ranging from economics to biology. I will define a successful college experience as one which allows me to understand the technical knowledge of computing while learning and solving the problems at the boundary between disciplines. 

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