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re: How do you convince yourself that it's worth the longterm commitment to writing a book? Sometimes I have a hard time committing to a long blog post.

I don't know that I had to convince myself from a commitment perspective. I did, however, have to convince myself from a confidence perspective.

I had always wanted to write a book, but lacked the confidence in myself to do it. I have always had a bit of imposter syndrome when it comes to my writing, so writing a book was a bit terrifying for me.

So how did I actually do it? I started following folks like you, Saron of @CodeNewbie, #100DaysOfCode, and I saw all of these people facing their own fears and overcoming them. I even began coaching a few of these folks on various AWS topics. All of a sudden it clicked, I had knowledge that folks could benefit from.

Once I made that mental shift, the imposter in me fell away (for the most part) and I started writing everyday.


Ah that’s really cool. I’m certain you learned a heck of a lot in the process!!

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