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Except reinstall , what all you can do is use password reset disk,it is able to remove your initial password, this tutorial will tell you what you need to do : androidphonesoft.com/resources/unl...


Using Safe Mode or Startup Repair mode is a relatively simple solution, and the Installation CD is also a viable option. If you think these methods are complicated, the easiest way is to use the password tool to reset the Windows password. This is what I searched for in Google. The steps are very detailed and worth reading:


Does system recovery work? Windows 10 is lovely in some aspects. Related article...


That's been there since, at least, 7. I've been using it for years. πŸ˜€
For work, nothing nefarious.


Create a new users but can't login. says no such an user on that computer.


In fact,reinstalltion will not cause any loss,just take the hard drive off your computer,and the reinstall a new Windows OS,but i personally advise you not to do that,as Non-professional only make things worse,it is best to unlock password on the computer.
Share it with you:winpwd.com/

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