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Social Learning Programs with Kwame Thomison

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The easiest way to make your team members feel happy is to give them a sense of personal growth. By expanding their capacities, they exponentially increase the productivity of the team while strengthening their own sense of purpose. On today’s episode, we chat with Kwame Thomison. After a decade building software and software teams for companies like Facebook and Asana, Kwame set out as a leadership coach and founded his company, Magnetic, to help other teams build and sustain social learning cultures. When you finish listening to the episode, make sure to visit Kwame's web-site at https://magnetic-inc.com and connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter

Mentioned in this episode:

Kwame on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/kwamethomison/

Kwame on Twitter at https://twitter.com/KwameMagnetic

Magnetic at https://magnetic-inc.com 

Asana at https://asana.com

LinkedIn Learning’s 2019 Workplace Learning Report at https://learning.linkedin.com/resources/workplace-learning-report 

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