I really like Bulma dog.

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November Daily (8 Part Series)

1) Article a day!? 2) From homelessness to making six figures: On learning how to code. 3 ... 6 3) Big companies only hire graduates and other myths. 4) On staying motivated. 5) To test or not to test, is that even a question? 6) my post was sucked to an ether. 7) The cooking post back from the grave. 8) I really like Bulma dog.

Bulma has to be my all time favorite CSS framework. I have used it in production at a large company I worked for and it stood up great! My next job I wrote most of the CSS myself. That held up fine too, but not as well, and it was a HUGE pain to write.

I have always hated using big heavy style frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation, mostly because of their dependency on jQuery. And sure there are packages for react & bootstrap, but idk. It just feels klunky and gross. Bulma feels fun sleek and sexy.

I feel like Bulma does just the right amount. It makes no assumptions on your JS, has no dependency to jQuery, it doesn't come with a million different components. It doesn't have a million variants of everything. Just a couple simple great building blocs that I love using. I plan on using Bulma when building Realm of React and probably in the course work itself.

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Along these lines, I really like Semantic UI. Bulma appears to share most of the same sensibilities. Semantic has adjective modifiers like large disabled primary button. It does have some jQuery-based components, but all of them are controlled with classes. So I just use the classes to control the same behavior myself. I literally only use the CSS distribution of it. I've also had great success with it in production. We only use a handful of CSS to patch in minor visual variations. I think I'll give Bulma a try too.


I've recently started using Bulma more, and love it so much! I really liked Milligram when it came out a few years ago, mostly because of its grid system, and Bulma uses a very similar grid with just enough extra goodies.


Have you guys heard of Tailwind? Wonder how that compares


Heard of it but never used it. Maybe I’ll try it and report back!


I was excited by tailwind until I read through the docs. Very configuration-heavy. Might be worth it on larger projects.


Bulma is a stunning CSS framework, is just easy..

...look what I have built with it. Colorsandfonts.com

Hope you like it.

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