Fake Post for a Post-fake World

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At a certain point in the history of Christianity and perhaps also in other religions, drama as an art form has been either shunned, deemed morally unacceptable or even banned by canon law.

Usually a secret fan has been found among the clergy who later shows that it is acceptable after all. Especially as it is observed that there is a useful function drama plays in propaganda, advertising and public relations engineering as well as the twists in expressing historical courses of events. For example the historical plays of Shakespeare.

On one hand propaganda appears in drama on the other hand a 'false' representation of the world and its stories are elevated to the heights of high art on the stage. An ouroborean snake of a setup.

I see a new form of art appearing, where reality and news are the very material these pieces are made of; the theatre of fake news is not just a place for the edification of the soul and a cultural excursion anymore, these recombinations of archetypal stories into ever new shows begin to make a seamless fusion out of reality and fiction. It then creates a totally new fabric out of reality itself with its own rules of play and the newstheatre is merged with the world. There is now a new MEDIUM no more divided into a stage, a production and a public nor a story and a fib and the facts. Everyone may transform into an actor and director all at the same time. Everyone may even have a fake sense of being a director while being a viewer with a rather constricted freedom.

We will not have the foggiest of what is a play and what is up, will we even be able to tell a head from a tale?

If we are to ban deep fakes then we are also banning art.
If we are to give freedom to perform all fake stories and accept all, what a form of art will it be to make sense of all that is essential to existence.

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