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Short bit and byte

While scrolling down to my LinkedIn feeds this morning I found this short story (_) which summarizes lessons from all the success stories . So I just want to share with all my fellow devs .

2 stories to begin with

  1. Nokia refused Android
  2. Yahoo refused Google

Story over

Lessons learnt

  1. Take risks
  2. Embrace changes
  3. If you refuse to change with time , you might perish

Ok 2 more stories

  1. Facebook takes over whatsapp and instagram
  2. Flipkart takes over myntra and flipkart owned Myntra takes over jabong & now Flipkart is taken over by Walmart

Story over

Lessons learnt

  1. Become so powerful that your competitors become your allies .
  2. Reach the top position and then eliminate the competition
  3. keep innovating

2 more stories

  1. Colonel sanders founded KFC at the age of 65 .
  2. Jack Ma , who coudnt get job in kfc , founded ALibaba .

story over

Lesson learnt

  1. Age is just a number .
  2. Only those who keep trying succeeds .

Last but not least

1.Lamborghini was founded as result of revenge of a tractor owner who was insulted by Enzy Ferrari , the founder of ferrari

Story over

Lessons learnt
1.Never underestimate anyone , ever !! .
2.Success is the best revenge .

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