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At my company, we start off with a template for 1:1s (but people can customize it as they see fit). This is the structure that I've been using with my manager:

1. Wins
    - what have I accomplished since the last time I met with my manager? This is a good way for us to go over what I've done and it lets me take a step back and see all of the things I've worked on. 
2. Flex Agenda
    - anything that I have concerns about (changes in the company/team, conferences I want to attend, education resources, pairing)
3. Career Development
    - Everyone has 3 goals for each quarter. Here, I talk about my progress for each goal and if I have any blockers as well as bring up any questions I may have to make sure I'm moving in the right direction.

I've heard some people go to these 1:1s without anything prepared, but I think it's best to treat it like a real meeting and have all of your bullet points prepared so that you can make the most of your time with your manager.


I think frameworks like this make sense. That way there's less mental overhead with coming up with things to say. Whatever you need to say has a good chance at coming out through this.


This an excellent framework!I am going to propose this approach to my new manager.
Thanks for sharing

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