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Discussion on: How do you improve your front-end project regularly? (A desperate urge from a junior)

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I'm not an UX expert either and unsure how far the development of the MVP is but have you heard of black box testing?

It's basically giving your MVP to someone and telling them what to do but not saying how and not helping them either to see how they try to achieve the goal. I've done this and sometimes it's painfully hard to watch someone struggle with something that is so obvious to you.

After the test you can interview the person and ask about their experience. What did you like? What could be better? Have you used similar products in the past? Etc.

I definitely agree with Japser that talking to other humans is the way to go! Whenever I test a project this way I quickly discover things in the UI that could be improved.

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Rishiraj Purohit

I second this, during mvp give the access to sales guy or other stakeholders, even colleagues and ask them to use it. If it helps make it clear to your senior that you need to do user testing(black box) to improve ux and get design ideas.

See how they interact, watch where they struggle.

even if something is easy to find in 1 minutes but is crucial think how you can minimize that time, make it bold, make it more obvious and simple

The thing is, because you have used it again and again, you won't feel something wrong, you won't see something hard to find or do. The only way to improve is get others to use it and monitor it.

Last, the ux is "user" experience, get more users, improve their experience.

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Anower Jahan Shofol Author

Thanks for great suggestions, guys.

The MVP will be beta released on two to three months to public. I would try to use the team's other members feedback as there is no dedicated sales guy in the startup now.

And, for the freelance projects, is there any way to get the feedback from public or do you think getting the feedback from client is enough?

And, thanks for the resource links, checking those.

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Rishiraj Purohit

Getting feedback from public is a bit complicated as it depends on your company's policies. But when getting feedback from the client always remember that this is their baby so they will always want to improve something, it's you who have to show passion and make them feel that current ux is good for MVP.

I've had experience and the only way is to sell a proven process. Good UX -> Beta test -> Feedback from users -> improve -> Final release.

For freelance projects, I would recommend getting a detailed requirement doc from the client, or creating one in a meeting to make sure both parties know the deliverables and then stick to those. Freelance is more about delivering what the client wants and what you feel should be done.