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Discussion on: What would you like to see on your DEV profile?

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Max Antonucci
  • I agree with everyone saying pinned articles. Maybe also have pinned comments as well? It all adds up to highlighting activity on our posts that best represent who we are here.
  • Some basic styling options would be nice, like some colors, typography, or custom banner images. Mostly custom banner images!
  • A few people here have mentioned skills, and letting other users endorse like on LinkedIn. Maybe also have a place where devs can leave direct feedback of developers, like about their real-life experience with them or the benefits they've gotten from their writing. These would probably have to be approved first, and is more of a "nice to have" for me.
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Ben Halpern

In terms of LinkedIn-esque features, yeah maybe like a bulletin-board style comment folks could leave on profiles and the user could make some of them public for use as an "endorsement" of sorts, but it with an eye towards more authenticity than LinkedIn.