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How do I choose a virtual event platform?

Mayra Shaikh
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Some things define a particular year or period. In case 0f 2020, it is the virtual events. When things went out of control, it was virtual events that helped the event organizers and organisations. And made them able to maintain communication. Also, to host events safely. Many of you will find it surprising that virtual events are not new. And they have been here for almost three decades. And with time, they also evolved. As a result, today, one can host a full-scale event virtually. But it was only last year when virtual events were noticed by people. And the reason for this is pretty simple; nobody thought that one day we won't be allowed to host events physically.

Types of virtual events

Virtual events are also known as digital or online events. These events are hosted digitally with the help of virtual event technology. And this technology is in the form of a virtual event platform or virtual event software. The virtual event technology is inclusive and allows us to host any event virtually. And here are some of the most common categories of virtual events.

● Virtual product Launches
Virtual Exhibitions
● Virtual conferences
● Virtual trade shows
● Virtual Award shows
Virtual AGM
● Virtual Town halls
● Virtual fests

And many more. You only need to come up with the event idea, and the technology will let you bring that event to real life. However, the success of any virtual event depends upon the virtual event platform. Therefore, it is always advised to get the right virtual event platform. But how can one select the apt virtual event platform? Let's see.

Selecting the right virtual event platform

While selecting a virtual event platform, you need to look for several things. And the most significant thing is the technical needs of your events. So check if the platform can provide solutions for all your events' needs.

Apart from this, you need to look for other things like –

● Platform Interface

The interface of the platform is with which the audience will interact. So it can be seen as the essential part of the audience experience. So it needs to be fast, responsive and easy to use. Otherwise, the audience won't get the best experience.

● Audience engagement features

The platform should offer lots of audience engagement features. Because without these features, you will have a hard time engaging with the audience. And attendees might get bored and may leave the event. That is why audience engagement is crucial. Some of the most famous audience engagement features are Gamification, Social Wall, AR photobooth and Leaderboard.

● Networking tools

Apart from the audience engagement, the networking opportunity is another crucial part of the audience experience. So you need to create networking opportunities at your event. For this, you need networking tools. So while selecting the platform, ask for networking tools. I recommend tools like AI Matchmaking, Networking Lounge, B2B Meeting scheduler and 2-way interaction. Also, you can provide the option of Live Chats. It will boost the networking at your event.

● Security measures

These days, data security and privacy is a significant concern for many people. And this concern increased massively last year. So if you want to make people comfortable registering for your event, you need to assure them. For this, select a platform that has multiple security measures. Some of these are a 2-step login process, data encryption and a secure connection.

● Support

The last thing that you need to look at is the support from the platform provider. You may encounter technical issues. So you would prefer strong technical support from the platform team. That is why you should check the type of support you will get with the platform.

These are some factors you should consider while looking for a virtual event platform for your event.

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