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Discussion on: Creating an Ergonomic Workspace

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Marek Dabek

I see much talking less walking in the office ergonomic. Unfortunately, the desk setup is not enough for staying healthy. Our bodies are designed for movement and standing desks are only partial solution.

Back pains in lumbar part of the spine are often result of prolonged sitting, weak core muscles, and lack of flexibility (especially in the postural muscles). Numbing of fingers can be direct effect of pulling head forward.

I had severe issue with my lumbar part of the back (sciatica), but managed to get rid of it, mostly by trying to stay active. Turned out that no surgery was required.

My recommendation is to find good physiotherapist, who can assess what we need to work on and start immediately. It will save some serious trouble later. Additionally, find a sport or physical activity which you can try to build a passion about, and do it. In my case I can say, that judo saved my life.

And remember to stretch or roll on the foam rollers - this is lifesaver.

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Kim Arnett  Author

Movement is definitely necessary for a healthier lifestyle, these are just some tips to help others find a workspace that works for them.

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