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How did you begin coding? i.e., what language?


I began coding in javascript, then moved onto python.


Nice! I began in Scratch, moved on to HTML, then to CSS, then JS, then Python, and Iā€™m still learning! šŸ˜‡

i totally skipped over scratch because I thought i didn't need to do block based first. I am actually messing with lua right now because I am doing modding with minetest. But we are all still learning!


A man of class, I see. :D

Glad to see someone exploring some FOSS game out here in dev.to.

Minetest is amazing! Not for the gameplay, I'm not that into video games, I just love the whole experience of being able to mod it to no end. Which is why I chose Minetest, because even though you can mod Minecraft, I can get really deep and dirty in the source code.

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