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Discussion on: Entity Framework DotNet Core with GraphQL and SQL Server (using HotChocolate)

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Michael Staib

That is not entirely true the API has not changed and you just have to add using HotChocolate.Execution; to get the extension methods.

I also answered this in your issue.

Regarding production ready. We are. HotChocolate is the most spec compliant and the fastest GraphQL library for .NET. If you run just the parser kitchen sink tests from Facebook GraphQL-DotNet crashes but Hot Chocolate will run each of them.

Also it is the most feature rich GraphQL Platform for .NET. We have a very active support channel which solves problems of their users very quickly. If you post a question to us we answer within 12 hours most of the times immediately.

Further, apart from that we have a far bigger platform with tools like Banana Cake Pop (GraphQL IDE) or our .NET clients.

We will add to our documentation that you have to add this using. I thought personally that this is not necessary since most Dev IDEs will auto import those. It is basically the same like with Microsofts ServiceCollection many methods are extension methods that have to be imported.

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Chris Noring

hi Michael. I'm on VS Code.. there is no auto import happening. That's what a lot of devs use if on Mac or Linux. Please add the needed usings for all your examples or add a link to a sample project on GitHub where I can figure this out. I appreciate you taking the time to answer. As I said it looks like a great API, great features but I'm sure you understand how frustrating it is to get stuck

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Michael Staib

I do get that. We are working hard on out new documentation that we will release alongside the 10.4 release coming next week. I will add the usings to the examples and we will have blog posts going up with the 10.4 release showing how to use it with entity framework in more depth.

Hot Chocolate is developed on macOS and VSCode. That is why I thought that any other IDE would do the same auto import when pressing command + . on the missing method. But I agree that is not actually that obvious. Be assured that we will update the docs over the next week.