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Discussion on: Running MacOS on Windows 10 with WSL2, KVM and QEMU

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Mick Pearson • Edited on

Mid 2021 (fresh WSLg install on a new AMD system) I'm having some unusual trouble with this. Two things: 1) the VM can't connect to the Internet. The MacOS installer (Reinstall) actually requires a connection to get started. It says "Recovery server could not be contacted" in a message box and sends me back to the menu. (I.e. in the Network Utility there's no response to the Ping function. I feel like you guys would've spoken about network stuff more if you'd encountered this... or you all have something else set up that made this a nonissue.) and 2) the installer UI runs super fast. (I.e. keyboard input is nigh impossible and animations are 10 times faster than they ought to be. Shouldn't a VM have a virtual real-time clock?)

I'm sharing this here because I think anyone doing this now will encounter these troubles, and I've sunk a lot time into trying harebrained fixes (classic Linux-hole wasting-time pattern) to no avail. I've posted a question on Reddit that's gotten some up-votes already (UPDATE: my posts were yanked for "too little information" provided, so I can't recommend these Reddit forums) ( that includes a link to a more detailed post on r/hackintosh that looks like it's unlisted, IOW waiting for mod approval that may never come.

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Nicole Stevens Author

Hey Mick, many thanks for the update. I haven't had to set this up since the end of 2020, so it's been a few releases for me too. I'm wiping my current setup in a couple of weeks, will try this again then.