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Discussion on: Why Facebook's api starts with a for loop

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I'm really wondering how any of these attack techniques would fare against simpler CSRF techniques like double-submitted cookies.

Other stupid ways that seem like they could mitigate this would be to just make all the JSON endpoints require a POST, or to use a different method of encoding data that can't be interpreted as valid Javascript at all (XML?)

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Richard Tallent

No one cares about semantics verbs. Using POST for API endpoints solves an entire class of link-based attacks. We should of course still use CSRF and other mitigations, but the semantic purism argument is a weak one, IMHO.

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Nathan Johnson

Making them all POST wouldn't be semantic (POST means you're changing something on the server). JSON is the standard API data format now, and it's much better than XML in my opinion.

The ultimate way to prevent these attacks is to not allow user submitted input to end up anywhere in output unescaped so attackers' scripts are never able to be injected.

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Guney Ozsan

Not POST but using header authentication an all endpoints can add a layer of security. But this is extra. Nathan's point is well told.