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Quick Apps On Firefox Nightly

mindsgaming profile image MindsGaming ・1 min read

So I was trying out Firefox Nightly shortly after creating a new react app using Glitch create-react-app for my site and ran into something pretty cool.

When I opened my site on Firefox Nightly the settings tab at the bottom right turned blue:

Alt Text

At first I thought I did something wrong of course, what warning is going to pop up I wondered as I opened the tab, behold it wasn't an issue but a feature to install the page as a react app

Alt Text

Unlike saving a web-page on a mobile browser (or to your phones home page) this nifty little feature actually wraps the react app into a box so no browser features are present and you can run your site like you would any other app.

Alt Text

Anyways I thought this was pretty cool and worth the time to post, maybe someone else will enjoy this cool little feature.

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