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WordPress Localhost Installation

Before we start WordPress localhost installation, first we must understand what is WordPress?

WordPress is a widely used open source Content Management System (CMS). It will help you in managing your website site content with an ease.

What are the content types you actually in any website?

Files (doc,PDF etc)
WordPress is actually build using PHP. So, unlike HTML we need a server to run a WordPress website.

To make it easy for you, here I am explaining this WordPress localhost installation using BITNAMI in a simple step by step procedure. There are so many ways to install WordPress but, this one the easiest way as it is similar to any other software installation in your computer.

Step 1:
Search for ‘bitnami wordpress’ on Google.

Click on the first link (Bitnami Website) in search results page and takes you to the Bitnami homepage, where you need to click on ‘Win/Mac/Linux’ button, then scroll down to select the operating system on which you would like to install the WordPress.

Step 2:
Soon after selecting the Operating system, a pop-up will be triggered asking for signup but you need not actually do signup to download the .exe file, just scroll down to the bottom of the popup to see ‘No thanks, just take me to the download’ link, click on it to initiate the download process.

Step 3:
Once the download is completed, double click to run the ‘.exe’ file to start the installation. During this process keep on clicking the ‘next’ button till you reach a page where it asks you to provide your details like name, email id, username and password.

Here you just need to provide the required details in the relevant fields. Also don’t forget to note down your username and password as they are essential to log in to the WordPress dashboard after WordPress setup. In case you forget the login credentials there is now way to retrieve the details as mail functionality wont work in localhost.

Step 4:
After providing all the required details, please click on the ‘next’ where you are provided with the option of installing on the cloud, but, as we are installing WordPress on the local system you need to uncheck the ‘Launch WordPress in the Cloud with Bitnami’ checkbox then continue the installation process which takes a few more minutes to complete.

As soon as you are finished with the installation, a success page will open on the browser with a link to access the homepage of your website.

Step 5:
After accessing the front page, to enter into the dashboard just type ‘/wp-admin’ at he end of the homepage url in the address bar ( or localhost/wordpress/wp-admin) then a login screen of dashboard is displayed where you are asked to provide username and password which were given by the time of installation.

Soon after submission of the details, system verifies the credentials and displays the the WordPress dashboard.

This is the actual place where you can make changes to your website. You can see the video of the same below.

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