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I'm Margaret a final year student and FrontEnd Developer. I started blogging on dev.to 20 days ago as a way to document my learning journey and participate in the 100days of code challenge. I'm open to any pointers collaborations or opportunities in web development.

I'd love to connect with you, feel free to reach out.


Hello Margaret! Welcome) I'm Sergey, CTO at Smartym Pro software development company. I have over 11 years of experience in building mobile and web applications. Here I write articles in my blog, covering topics such as tech trends, programming tips, and innovative technologies.

I will be glad if you check it out and highly appreciate if you say what topics you enjoy and what topics you’d like to see. Good luck with your challenge and career!)


I'll definitely check that out. Thank you Sergey.


Thats awesome. 80 more days to go. If you feel like giving up, just use webflow.


I'll definitely check that out, never used webflow before


Hello Margaret

Best of luck on the code challenge!


Thank you Juan!


Hi Margaret, nice to e-meet you. how are you planing to document your learning journey? I plan to do the same and don't have any ideas yet


Hi Daniel, nice to meet you too. I write blogs on the concepts I'm learning/practicing and the errors i bump into together with the solutions that worked for me. Along the way i found it really useful to build a mini project because i get to learn and implement at the same time.

I hope that gives you an idea on what you can do.

That surly helps, but, as a beginner I am not sure anybody will be interested in the silly mistakes I made in the beginning (e.g: I have never worked with MacOS before, and it took my few hours to understand how to use right click mouse... I am not stupid, but even the small challenges takes me time to overcome :) what do you think I should do?

  1. As much as you are a beginner there's something you know that somebody else's doesn't or there's something you can explain better than anyone else. So yes there's someone out there would benefit from your posts .

  2. The fact that you take time to understand something means that you are in a better position to explain it to someone who experiences the same. So why not write about it?

My advice would be if you choose to do this focus on documenting your growth (mistakes are part of growth) rather than writting post people are interested in.

uploaded a short post, will be a continious story. Thanks for the support!

Congrats on taking the first step!!

You are welcome


Hi Margaret,

Happy to have you here... I liked some of your work... I am here to create an online presence and improve my coding skills in the community.



Thank you Ashutosh,

Let's connect🤝

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