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Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. πŸ‘‹

Great to have you in the community!


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Hello everyone,
I'm Tama from Indonesia. I knew DEV one or two years ago but I just joined now so hello again πŸ‘‹
I'm a software engineer, mostly in JavaScript ecosystem (node, express, react, react native, etc), and I thrilled to learn something new (or dig dive to what I have learned)
I like to play games, Dota 2, FPS, or some RPG, but the last time I played around few months ago πŸ˜†
I currently in a battle with myself (lazy, procrastinate, kinda that stuff), and I want to like share or make documentation about things I learn then share it because teaching/sharing is also learning (and it'll improve my English πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ (and also a plus for my portfolio as I'm targeting to get a new job πŸ˜„))

Thank you!


Hi, Pratama.
You really wrote what I wanted to say. Thanks for your post.
This is ShiXiong from China who is full-time freelancing and currently work at FantasyLab AS from Oslo, Norway.
Would like to have a more friendly relationship. πŸ˜„



Welcome Pratama, even though i am also new here.


Awesome. You're on the right track. By teaching something you get to learn it twice.


Hi Tama! wow, I felt very identified with the battle with yourself, I find it difficult to be productive and I hope I can learn it here! hahaha luck to you! Regards.


Hello... Wel Come to the team 😊😊


Great! Welcome ! I'm also new here and currently learning javascript


Hi Tama, cool introduction. nice to e-meet you


Hello and welcome,


Hi Tama, salam kenal πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹


Welcome back, Tama! I've lurked on dev.to for a while, but I've finally joined.


hello how are you. i also want to be a software engineer like you


Practicing English is great. I've founded the group in Telegram to practice with my colleagues, but as for now activity is pretty low, so I've decided to try something else. Namely, DEV.to. :)


Hi tama... it's nice to know about u...


Hello Tama! Welcome to the community.


Hello! Nice to meet you)

I'm Sergey, CTO at Smartym Pro IT company. I have over 11 years of experience in software development. Here I write articles in my blog, covering topics such as tech trends, smart contracts, programming tips, and innovative digital solutions for business.

There are many ways to motivate yourself to perform the necessary tasks and achieve goals, for instance, tell everyone that you're going to make something. Thus, you will have to work as otherwise your friends and colleagues will learn you have failed.

This method is said to be one of the best ones.) You can also create posts on social networks like Instagram and Facebook about the set objectives and then share your progress.)


Blogging sure is the way to go. Thats pretty cool Sergey. You are already in the furure. #Web3.0 (You are working on Dapps)


Yeah I have heard that before, thanks for suggesting me

< Hello World >
        \   ^__^
         \  (oo)\_______
            (__)\       )\/\
                ||----w |
                ||     ||

$ echo Hello World | cowsay

Best. πŸ˜„


$ cowsay Hello World

Even better 😜

Btw we need an emoji drawer in here πŸ‘

πŸ˜‚ I'm so used to piping in dynamic text from the output of some command that it totally slipped my mind that static text can just be arguments.


Cool πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ


I'm Margaret a final year student and FrontEnd Developer. I started blogging on dev.to 20 days ago as a way to document my learning journey and participate in the 100days of code challenge. I'm open to any pointers collaborations or opportunities in web development.

I'd love to connect with you, feel free to reach out.


Hello Margaret! Welcome) I'm Sergey, CTO at Smartym Pro software development company. I have over 11 years of experience in building mobile and web applications. Here I write articles in my blog, covering topics such as tech trends, programming tips, and innovative technologies.

I will be glad if you check it out and highly appreciate if you say what topics you enjoy and what topics you’d like to see. Good luck with your challenge and career!)


I'll definitely check that out. Thank you Sergey.


Hi Margaret,

Happy to have you here... I liked some of your work... I am here to create an online presence and improve my coding skills in the community.



Thank you Ashutosh,

Let's connect🀝


Hello Margaret

Best of luck on the code challenge!


Thats awesome. 80 more days to go. If you feel like giving up, just use webflow.


I'll definitely check that out, never used webflow before


Hi Margaret, nice to e-meet you. how are you planing to document your learning journey? I plan to do the same and don't have any ideas yet


Hi Daniel, nice to meet you too. I write blogs on the concepts I'm learning/practicing and the errors i bump into together with the solutions that worked for me. Along the way i found it really useful to build a mini project because i get to learn and implement at the same time.

I hope that gives you an idea on what you can do.

That surly helps, but, as a beginner I am not sure anybody will be interested in the silly mistakes I made in the beginning (e.g: I have never worked with MacOS before, and it took my few hours to understand how to use right click mouse... I am not stupid, but even the small challenges takes me time to overcome :) what do you think I should do?

  1. As much as you are a beginner there's something you know that somebody else's doesn't or there's something you can explain better than anyone else. So yes there's someone out there would benefit from your posts .

  2. The fact that you take time to understand something means that you are in a better position to explain it to someone who experiences the same. So why not write about it?

My advice would be if you choose to do this focus on documenting your growth (mistakes are part of growth) rather than writting post people are interested in.

uploaded a short post, will be a continious story. Thanks for the support!

Congrats on taking the first step!!

You are welcome


Hello! My name is Amu and I mostly make software and tools related to sound and music. I'm currently working on an open-source DAW (digital audio workstation). I also make music and sometimes games!

I've been looking in different places to write about my projects and document them. I've seen amazing developers and projects here since 2018 when I joined and overall, I think this is the best place for what I have in my mind!

I'd love to meet and connect to new people here!


Hi Amu! Welcome! DEV is an amazing community that inspires people to create something great and just communicate.) I'm Sergey, CTO at Smartym Pro software development company with locations in the UK and Belarus.

With over 11 years of experience, I write articles in my blog, covering topics such as tech trends, smart contracts, programming tips, and innovative technologies.

I will be glad if you check it out and say what topics you enjoy and what topics you’d like to see here. Thank you.)


Super cool to hear that you're working on an open-source DAW! Can you link to the repo or user-facing site if available?


Thank you Michael!! I'll share the repo as soon as I put some code inside it! I've been reading about and coding with different stacks for the project for the past two months to see which one is the best choice. I think I'm going to start coding the project officially in a week. I wrote about progress of the project in these 2 months here if you like to read more!


Hi! I I am also a big fan of sound, and read your first blog post. fascinating. happy to meet. You gave me inspiration for my first blog post here. Thx


I'm so happy to hear that!!! Can't wait to read your first post.

uploaded a short post, will be a continious story. Thanks for the support!


Hello, everyone! πŸ‘‹

I'm Felipe from Brazil. I'm a biologist, currently in my bioinformatics master, during my free time, I code in Rust and do some game development projects. I like to make illustrations and pixel art, too.

I'm planning to post about Rust and game development. Tutorials and progress on my projects. 😊

Nice to be part of the community!


Hello Felipe,

Are your games related to your field of study at all? I feel like there is a lack of games where violence is either secondary or not an option. With the popularity of games only increasing I feel like there should be room for more genre and mechanical experimentation. Especially if combined with EdTech.

Also, I have always wanted to visit Brasil, I still hope to after The Rona is past.



Hello! Nice to meet you! I'm Sergey, CTO at Smartym Pro IT company. I have over 11 years of experience in Java enterprise and mobile app development. Here I have a personal blog, writing about programming tips, business software, architecture, cutting-edge technologies, etc.

I will be glad if you check it out. Good luck with your career!)


Hello Felipe!

Do you know if deep learning is popular with bioinformatics? I read a paper about it but wasn't sure if it was a well known technique in the field.


It is, but definitely not well estabilished, so there's space in the field for more people doing deep learning analysis!


Thats pretty awesome. Are your game bio friendly? (pun intended)


Hi everyone, I'm Igno from South Africa. I have recently decided to take up up coding because I needed a career change. I am obsessed with learning now so I take courses and code all day, everyday.

I only came upon this site today and felt like this was a great opportunity to learn, stay motivated, and just have a platform where I can be interactive about my new found passion.

Thank You


Hi, Igno.
I'm also new to the DEV community but I wanted to say hello to you because South Africa is near and dear to my heart. I've only visited once so far - we were supposed to return last March but a pandemic got in the way - but I love the country very much. Where are you from? I've been to Joburg, Praetoria, and Cape Town; next time I'll be visiting Durban primarily.


Hello Igno

It's good that you have the dedication to learn coding but please do yourself a favor and don't "code all day, everyday". The brain needs some rest and time away from such a mentally intensive activity that is learning new tech.

I wrote an article of bad habits I picked up while learning to code that you might find useful.

Best of luck!


You're in safe hands my dude. This place is much more awesome than Hackernoon and Medium at most things


Hi everyone
I am Emmanuel from Lagos, Nigeria. I do Front-end Development and Data Science.
I love writing, I believe this would be a good platform to share my experience.
Currently learning back-end development (Node.js, express, Mongo db...).
I would love to be featured in Hollywood movies 🀠


Hi Emmanuel! Welcome to this awesome community! I'm Sergey, CTO at Smartym Pro IT company. Love writing, too.) With 11+ years of experience, I create articles in my blog, covering topics like cloud computing architecture, blockchain, programming tips, and bespoke software solutions for business.

I will be glad if you check it out and say what topics you enjoy and what topics you’d like to see in the future. Good luck with your career! :)


Hey everyone,
I'm Antonio, and I'm brand spanking new to programming. I started the journey a few months back, and it's been a fun ride so far. I'm excited to follow and learn from you.


Welcome! Fellow newbie here, and want to welcome you to the platform!


Welcome! Great to have you here.




I'm Steven from San Diego. I literally just found out about dev.to three days ago. I was working a dead end job as a animal hospital veterinary technician two years ago and decided that I needed a different set of skills. So I decided to learn how to code. I learned the basics of web development and made a few projects, but once the pandemic hit, I haven't done anything else but walk my dogs and build things in React.

I'm such a puzzle fiend. I had no idea how rewarding it is to solve 100+ puzzles in order make something. I'm really glad that web development has become such a big part of my life. The more I dive into these communities, the more I learn that there's really nothing else like software development. I'm looking forward to inspireβ€”and to be inspiredβ€”by all of your stories, accomplishments, struggles, and bits of insight.

Super kudos to the developers who maintain this site! The struggle is real, but at least you know that your users feel your feels, ya feel me?


Good luck on your software engineering journey Steven.


Hey Everyone,
Im Don from Dubai, Amazing to connect with everyone here who share a passion to build and design apps,machines and tools to help people to connect and grow.
I'm a Mechanical Engineer by day,software engineer by night.My passion is towards for Robotics,IoT Automation,AI,Machine Learning and love to code.I have been using GitHUB for a while but new around here at DEV community and love this platform to connect and grow together. I have been mostly with the Javascript environments using MERN and MEAN stack,with lately learning and exploring the Python language with frameworks for application API developement such as Pyrevit for Autodesk Revit and also machine learning frameworks for computer vision and NLP such as Scikit-Learn,Pytorch,etc.

My fav Editor: VS Code❀️.

Happy to help and grow around here.

Thankyou & Hi Again EveryoneπŸ‘‹!!!


Nice to meet you! I wish you the best!


Hey folks! πŸ‘‹ I'm TJ, a graphic designer from the UK. I'm getting into CSS and have been learning by playing - but now I need to go back and learn some fundamentals in order to put my variables and animations to good use (and make tidier sheets)!

If anyone has any helpful resources please send them my way 😁


Thats pretty cool. Figma and Webflow will be your biggest friends


Greetings from Portugal,

I'm a full-stack Software Engineer who worked with/made websites in PHP, Perl, C# and Python using Symfony, Dancer, ASP.NET, Django and Flask web-application frameworks. I've worked on the back-end to interact with databases in SQL Server/MySQL/SQLite as well as front-end with Node.JS, Angular (for platforms such as Android) on a previous job.
Lately I've been migrating my website from Flask to Lektor (a static content management system that runs offline) and am working to build my portfolio/website.

Thanks for reading.


Hi Everyone,
I'm Chuks Okwuenu from Nigeria.
Am a Web Developer. i have interest in more advance programming like Cyber Security, AR, Hardware Programming, Cloud Computing and so on.
Am passionate to learn more skills that will make me a better!
Hoping to learn some great stuff here!


Sounds awesome. I think you would love Dapps


Thanks. Sure I would ✌️


Hi everyone! My name is Jack Maginnes. I am currently the CTO of a startup called the Savvy Dating Game. I just wrote my first post on it if you want to check it out!

I am a huge back-end nerd. I love microservices and setting up cloud architecture. Currently I am working to write a GoLang microservice that will be integrated with my application.

Outside of coding I love music and extreme sports. I play guitar and drums. And when I can get away from the computer for a weekend, I love to go snowboarding and surfing

I joined DEV because I have learned so much while starting a company. I jumped into a project that was wayyy over my head and just kinda picked stuff up along the way. This is my outlet to hopefully share some of that insight for others who are in a similar position.

In addition, I love to stay up to date on new trends, technologies, and best practices. This seems like a great way to meet peers and discuss those topics!


Hello Everyone,

I am Suraj from India, I am a java architect. I know about the dev a couple of years back but didn't put the time in joining it. But now I am happy to be here.

A few years back, I got introduced to cloud computing and I am still fascinated by it. Planning to learn whatever possible in that area (specifically AWS)


I started programming in High School back in 1976.
I teach at the local university and would love to put some games together for students all over the world to learn lists of things, like a list of inventors, or a timeline of events.
I'm currently pretty fluent with Microsoft SQL Server and Adobe ColdFusion.
I'm comfortable with Twitter Bootstrap too.


Hey everyone! Hope you're doing well.
I'm Sara from Spain.
I had learned about this site before but I recently created an account in order to save some articles I've found. I love tinkering with JavaScript and visual stuff, so I'm really into UI.
I'm currently looking for my first job on the field so I'm super excited! I'm hoping to make the most of this site and eventually make some of my own posts.
I know the current situation is tough so I hope all of you are okay. As for me I'd love to connect so don't hesitate to reach out!


Hello, I'm Nitish Awasthi currently pursuing B.Tech CSE from Invertis University Bareilly, UP India. I came to know about DEV one month ago and after exploring this platform I'm joining it now. I have seen so many interesting posts related to my field and I'm glad to know that this platform is wholly and solely dedicated for Tech Enthusiasts.
I'm more into Competitive Coding and Open Source Development but also working on Web Development, Cloud Computing also doing some small javascript projects for fun.

Other than Tech I have a keen interest in Aviation.

Starting my journey with DEV!
Thank You!


Welcome to dev.to Nitish.
There's lots of experiences and mindsets here to learn from.



I'm Marcell, web dev for ~10+ years. Currently frontend (React/TS) but used to do full stack ASP.NET Core + React for many years before. (And a lot of PHP but I pretend I didn't :P)

I read a lot of articles here, but decided to join now to be able to share the knowledge I have acquired and will be acquiring related to (mostly) web-development.

I hope you will enjoy my content and perhaps learn something from it, just like I learn from your articles.

Thank you for having me here!


Hi everyone,

I had heard about DEV for a while, but it has been just now that I joined. I guess I will have to read up and get up to speed.

I am interested in learning new things about tech. I especially like learning about new languages and programming paradigms. Other areas of interest for me are development practices (XP, etc..), testing techniques (at all levels), clean code and architecture, design patterns and programming paradigms.

I am looking forward to being part of a great developer community.


Hello everyone, I'm Rohan Rao. I'm a second year B.Tech student from India and primarily a web developer! My basic strengths lie in JavaScript and Python and I mostly develop websites on the MERN and MEVN stack!

I joined DEV a few days ago, and my first post is up on my org's page @nitdgplug.

Hoping to have a wonderful time here and read/create engaging content!


Hi, my name is Gergely ( Just call me Greg, the official form is a pain in the ass for foreigners ).

I live in Slovakia, where the people can make booze by cutting down trees ( I'm not joking, check this stuff out: Borovicka)

I'm a React | React Native | PHP developer with 2+yrs of experience, a design enthusiast, a massive geek... I don't really know what to say, you will figure out eventually.

So... yeah, uhmm virtual fist bump for everyone, who is here, and a massive shoutout to the #dev team who are maintaining this site. You're awesome!



Hello World,

I am Jaydip, Digital Marketer by profession but actually started career and studies in Computer Science. I am not a programmer now but yes need to deal with Softwarware engineers due to Technical SEO and Web-related things.

Happy to help anyone who wants to understand about SEO friendly development or want to discuss marketing aspects for the product.

Also, want to learn more about Server optimization, WordPress, Latest technologies etc.


Hi everyone! My name is Max. I'm a Brooklyn-based Software Engineer who is about to graduate from Flatiron School. Looking forward to joining the community and hopefully making some new connections and friends along the way!


Hi everyone, I'm santhosh from india. I started learning web development 2 months ago and In this 2 months I learnt about MERN stack and also on, how to deploy webapps in gcloud. So, now that I have few knowledge about these topics, I started looking for some community to join and landed up here,on this wonderful developers community. what is the better way to learn than sharing and learning.... Can't wait to start sharing my knowledge and learning more from you people..

Thank you



I am Sweet and I am based in Texas, USA. I code in JavaScript and Python. I am a fulltime Software Development Immersion student at General Assembly. Today is the Presentation day for Project 2! I am proud of my project and learned a lot from creating it.

I also really enjoy video games and game dev.
I also write books.
I also act.

I have a sweet doggo named Zephyr, and a pup named Xena - they are my buddies.

Does anyone enjoy games like "Secret Hitler" or "One Night Ultimate Werewolf"? My friends play weekly over Zoom and online platforms.

I want to learn D&D.

My XBOX and my Nintendo are loaded with RPG and role-playing games. I really want them to develop a new Batman Arkham game, because I am obsessed.

I am an open book :)

Wonderful joining this community!


I'm Richard! Just started browsing DEV a few days ago and it seems like an awesome community! I'm a hobbyist that studies computer science, and for fun I work on all sorts of software / hardware projects, microcontrollers, Linux-based embedded devices, etc.
Thanks everyone.


Hi fellow developers. I'm Carlton from Kenya just joined your community, I know I can find people to relate with around, thank you ❀️


Hi everyone,

I'm Yang from China, I'm a full-stack developer with over 10 years of working experience in software development, mostly on Java, Golang, and DevOps. Currently working on an open-source CI/CD server called flow.ci

I found here from Google today, and I felt really comfortable with the style and design of this site. I think here is a good place to write a blog, share, and learn.

Thank you :)


Hey everyone! Hope you're doing well.

I'm Ibrahim from Egypt! Just started browsing DEV yesterday and it seems like an awesome community!

I'm a Front-end developer πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» 🀫
JavaScript, React and Gatsby lover 😌 βš›
Self-development πŸ’ͺ
That's all about me 😢

nice to meet you πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ”₯