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  • For real-time communication Discord or slack are good options.
  • For file sharing (and ideally editing/reviewing) capabilities, shared notes, Google suite or Microsoft office 365 are good options. but a GitHub repo works as well with features such as issue tracking and repo wikis which are really good for keeping notes and documentation with the project.
  • if you are looking for real-time coding collaboration then both VS live share for both VSCode and Visual Studio and Atom teletype for atom are excellent options. another thing about VS live share is the Live Share Extension Pack has Extension's for slack and Discord

Microsoft office 365 is the only tool here with no free plan


Thanks! The angle of coding collaboration is pretty interesting; I've never really looked into the accessibility of IDEs and web-based coding environments like CodePen, that could be very interesting


I have used VS live share, myself a few times. works quite well. just be aware that CLI tooling and build tools need to be run by the host. and dev server's ports need to be forwarded. you also do the same with the terminal.

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