re: I'm a 17 year old university senior who's hyped about jumping into the computer science workforce && Ask me Anything! VIEW POST


Me too, and congrats! <3

How do you feel about graduating, and what's your ideal project? (i.e. if you could work on something mostly unconstrained for say at least the next 10 years, what would it be?)


I'm not too excited about graduating; I've grown to really enjoy the small town college experience, and the next step is really scary!

My ideal project is definitely something about automation and connecting people. That's really abstract, and I'm not really sure what it would like, but there's a set of technologies I really enjoy working with that I'd like to see working together in some way (BLE, Blockchain, NFC, and Flask); so maybe finding some way to mesh those different stacks together to make a really cool project? A Cicada-esque AR puzzle game seems exciting...

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