How not to file your returns

ngarindungu profile image Ngari Ndung'u ・1 min read

Think tonight I ran into one of those cases when being a developer worked against me. Long story short, I took about 3hrs before giving up on filing my tax returns. Reason? Macros on the .ods version of the returns worksheet were failing. Bigger reason? LibreOffice opened the debugger when those macros failed.

I mean, a debugger! Couldn't help but step into it. Leave alone the fact that I have never written a single line of LibreOffice BASIC. The language looked weird, with Dim, REM and '. Yes, that's a single quote. That's how you comment out stuff.

I did finally get the macro to run by commenting out a few lines. Happily zipped my generated file and uploaded it to be greeted by ERROR!. Total waste of my time. Tomorrow, I'll be a normal person, look for an excel installation(do they still have those?) and hopefully finish filing my returns.

P.S. it was totally worth it


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