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re: the dawn of time: Windows Notepad, QBasic ~2000: Notepad++ 2005: Visual Studio, Eclipse 2012: IntelliJ IDEA (still the best available option for Ja...

I'm curious about why have you left Sublime Text for Atom, and then Atom for NeoVim?


I checked out Atom on the recommendation of a colleague and liked it generally. Native plugin package management was a selling point too.

As for Vim/NeoVim, I had used it in server environments before but started defaulting to it to see whether minimizing mouse usage would be better on my wrist (it is). But in addition to that, normal mode navigation is much faster and more precise than shifting to arrow keys or mouse; I can use the same editor locally and remotely, and it integrates beautifully with command line tools like git or psql; and if I want exactly the same customizations and plugins on a server somewhere, all I have to do is ship my dotfiles up.

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