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Discussion on: Up your Git game and clean up your history

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Nick Huanca • Edited

Thanks for the article! It was a nice read/refresher. Since the audience is for people wanting to up their git game, I would suggest adding some messaging around the dangers of "force push" and maybe reference force push with care which leverages --force-with-lease so people don't accidentally overwrite team pushes. :)

Another noteworthy thing might be to git rebase --abort if things go unexpectedly sideways during a rebase (conflicts or other strange/unexpected behavior). It's nice to know, especially when getting started, how to back out of a command safely.

Thanks again!

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Christopher Kade Author • Edited

Great points Nick, thank you for sharing them. I did not know of --force-with-lease.

I've added a section called "On the dangers of force pushing & other things to note" which mentions your comment.

Thanks again 🙂