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Discussion on: Modernize your ReactJS application with async/await in 2018

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Nick Taylor (he/him)

It depends what browsers you're targeting. Assuming (and I hope) you use babel-preset-env, async/await will only be transpiled to ES5 for pretty much just IE11 and below. All the other browsers support await now.

If most of your market is IE <= 11 , then maybe perhaps it's not wise to use async/await. Honestly though so many things come in to play for bundle size, but obviously a smaller bundle size is usually a good thing.

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Dominik Weber

This is great news! Since it's ES7 I assumed it won't be implemented by browsers yet.

Thanks for pointing out that it is.

Regarding the bundle size, I agree that many things affect that. But I don't think that bloating up async/await statements to 10x the original code size is negligible.