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Discussion on: Explain React.js Like I'm Five

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Nick Taylor (he/him)

I’ll try and keeps this short, elevator pitch style and see if that works out ;)

React is a library that is really only concerned about the view, i.e. what you see on your screen. For example the HTML rendered in a browser. To manage this, it uses state and props, essentially two forms of data being passed in to a view. The same data passed in to a view will always result in the same outputted view. If the data is different, the output of the view will change.

The way data is handled in react is simple. Actions go up, e.g. a click of a button, and data (state and props) comes down, e.g. result of clicking a buttton.

How you manage application state is entirely up to you.

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Tiffany Wismer Author

Very helpful and clear, thank you!