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re: I used NightwatchJS on previous projects, but I'm tired of Selenium/Java dependency (and I don't really like the Nightwatch API). Now, I mostly use...

Thanks for posting Arnaud, A+.

So, so far you're team has been enjoying Puppeteer? I imagine your co-worker wrote Wapiti to wrap some repetitive code your team was writing with Puppeteer?


Author here :)

There are still some pain points with Puppeteer (inside Docker is not optimal and I can't install it on windows for a friend) but it is sooo much better than selenium.

To be honest, my main focus writing Wapiti was to deal with VCR in tests. Puppeteer is great for running things and I added a mode to change fetch to be able to save API calls and to redo them in a CI environment (we had the problem with a frontend and an API in separate projects, testing in CI by cloning the other project and launching it was not really usable).

After that, I added a feature that I personally like: the possibility of "capturing" several value inside one test which I show in the first example in the doc:

test("it should get the content of elements of the page", () => {
  return Wapiti.goto("http://localhost:3000/index.html")
    .capture(() => document.querySelector("h1").textContent)
    .capture(() => document.querySelector("h2").textContent)
    .then(result => {
      expect(result).toEqual(["content of h1", "content of h2"]);

Using capture only one will produce a single-value result but using it several times will produce an array of value.
As EtE tests are quite expensive, I wanted to be able to test several things at the same time on a page.

As a bonus, Arnaud made me add a way of dealing with tabs '

And the future goal is to be able to start a local server while running tests to embark everything needed to test a pure frontend project.

You should write a post on why you created Wapiti if you haven't already. 😉

It's in my todo 🙂
But in the meantime, I wrote a longer explanation here

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