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re: This makes sense. It probably shouldn't be possible, though, to change your vote once you've seen results. Twitter allows you to click a button and...

Twitter allows you to click a button and then click submit which limits the surface area for misclicks. That is probably the expected behavior.

In any case, the expected behavior of a Radio Button is never to do something irreversible.

If you want to save one click you could probably replace those with a "vote" button or something, then people would understand that clicking would cast their vote.

But radio buttons ? The whole point of a radio button (as anyone who spent time playing with their dad's old stereo as a kid would know) is to play with them and see them pop out when you press another button. If you cast my vote when I press one you completely remove my ability to play with them and enjoy them.

So yeah, a "submit" button would probably be better, especially since it would allow you to have multiple answer polls down the line without rethinking the UI.

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