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re: You can put Ubuntu on a flash drive and run it as a test that way. You'll have the option to try out the OS or format your hd. Just choose the test...

Actually I have already installed ubuntu bash on my system, but I use git bash I found it more comfortable to use, I have Intermediate understanding of command line, I just got irritate with windows. Like unexpected shut down, low memory every single time when I open more than 4 tabs in chrome, along with VS Code open, and even I open another window of the terminal it crashes sometimes. I tried elementry os distro with a flash drive It's beautiful but I guess there are some driver issue with it, so Now I just wanted to switch to ubuntu without My data loss.

I'd invest in an external hd and switch that way. i grabbed a reasonable external hd on amazon for 70 bucks a while back. i think it was 2TB

Actually did the same, backed up my data and did a fresh installation. Loving it, linux is awesome. Specially zsh shell and oh-my-zsh.

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