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re: I am a windows 10 user, just started into development and I want to switch to Linux but My hard drive is almost full (900 GB / 1TB), and I don't wa...

You can put Ubuntu on a flash drive and run it as a test that way. You'll have the option to try out the OS or format your hd. Just choose the test out option. There's a few other ways but this one is the simplest.

You can try the linux subsystem on windows 10 though right now as Bash and base linux is available now. Assuming you have room this is a fantastic way to get some practice and learn the command line and get the basics in.

here's a quick tutorial. (i edited this from the original post as this method is much simpler)

for the ubuntu test:
They have a tutorial here.


Actually I have already installed ubuntu bash on my system, but I use git bash I found it more comfortable to use, I have Intermediate understanding of command line, I just got irritate with windows. Like unexpected shut down, low memory every single time when I open more than 4 tabs in chrome, along with VS Code open, and even I open another window of the terminal it crashes sometimes. I tried elementry os distro with a flash drive It's beautiful but I guess there are some driver issue with it, so Now I just wanted to switch to ubuntu without My data loss.

I'd invest in an external hd and switch that way. i grabbed a reasonable external hd on amazon for 70 bucks a while back. i think it was 2TB

Actually did the same, backed up my data and did a fresh installation. Loving it, linux is awesome. Specially zsh shell and oh-my-zsh.

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