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Learn Flutter #1

As a part of my weekend hack today I am going to highlight some key points which I learned while I went through a Flutter course.

Flutter can be used for Mobile App development as well as Web apps and desktop apps. Flutter apps are build using Dart which is a programming language been built by Google.

Prerequisites to build an app using Flutter:-

  • Experience with Dart or any other programming language
  • A little bit of experience with Android or iOS app development
  • Ability to grasp things slowly and steadily :)

Key features of Flutter:-

  • Every part of an app is a widget
  • Easy to learn
  • You can build an app with the same codebase for multiple platforms

Let me know if you have built an app using Flutter. I have pushed a code-base for a starter with Flutter on GitHub.
This app is a quiz app.

Share your experiences and help others to learn Flutter.

Happy learning and stay healthy!

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